I have just graduated from the Royal Dick Veterinary College at the University of Edinburgh. As part of my studies we were encouraged to gain practical experience in different countries. Thanks to the NSTF travel bursary I had the opportunity to go lambing in Northern Ireland and do voluntary work at a spay clinic in Portugal.

 Josianne Williams on NSTF Student Travel Bursaries 


Our experience in participating in the NSTF School Contest for Young Scientists, the NSTF Science Expo and the Belgian Science Expo in Brussels was very positive, fun and at the same time a learning experience. During the Science Expo we learnt not only more about science but also other skills such as teamwork and how to communicate our work. In my opinion, the salient part was the satisfaction we felt when the project was completed. We were elated when we won the first prize for the School Contest for Young Scientists. Visiting Brussels and participating in the Belgian Expo was a blast for all of us. We had the opportunity to show our work to a wider audience and also the Maltese ambassador in Belgium. Visiting the Natural History Museum and the Atomium were also part of our journey. A traditional night was set up in which we could learn about other cultures and try their traditional food, whilst also showing Maltese traditions. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we recommend it to any student.

Marija Farrugia on the NSTF School Contest for Young Scientists and the Belgian Science Expo

I benefited from NSTF's science programs twice. My first experience was in the NSTF School Contest for Young Scientists, a science fair which triggered my love for science fairs. Since then I kept following the NSTF science programs, thanks to which organisation I was given the privilege of representing Malta in the European Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) 2011, after winning the NSTF Contest For Young Scientists. This huge experience opened the doors for me and in fact I later became a finalist in INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and Google Science Fair. NSTF's science programs are a great way to transform your inner geek into a future career."

Melvin Zammit on the NSTF School Contest for Young Scientists and the NSTF National Contest for Young Scientists.

I took part in the MEA twice, first in sixth form and then once again during my first year at university. Coincidentally I was representing Slovenia both years. The MEA is the perfect platform for anyone who is interested in politics and public speaking to be able to expand his knowledge on foreign policy and practise his debating skills. It creates the ideal forum for like-minded people to meet, discuss and also debate on various topics. I believe that the MEA helps you expand your skill set and prepares you for many challenges you will be facing during your university life.

Stefan Balzan on NSTF Mini-European Assembly

Mini European Assembly changed my life. It was the experience that introduced me to politics. Various meetings, discussions and on occasions even arguments helped me to understand that in life, and especially in politics, opponents, or possibly even those in your own group, may have different opinions. Mini European Assembly increased my interest in politics, both on a national and European level. It also gave me knowledge on the Council of Europe and the way that this institution functions. I encourage youths to participate in this initiative as it can open up a world of opportunities.

Matthew Bonett on NSTF Mini-European Assembly

Over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year I served as an advisor for the NSTF Mini European Assembly programme – an educational simulation of the Council of Europe. As a two-time past participant and award winner of the programme, I was well aware that this would entail months of hard work, public speaking, speech writing, and high quality debate. It was a privilege to be involved again this year as an advisor so as to pass the mantle to a new generation of motivated youth and share the expertise that I have garnered through my own involvement. I watched my team of four talented young ladies improve session after session and progress in not only speech writing and debate skills, but gain confidence and the knowledge to raise their points maturely and informatively. True, writing a resolution is never a walk in the park, yet their drive and charisma paid off. The team were awarded the Second Place Prize and a trip to Brussels and Strasbourg this Summer to actually see the European democratic process in action. The most valuable reward, however, was the ability to actively engage with hot topics, acquire a wealth of knowledge about a previously unknown country, and to truly have the chance to ‘learn by doing’.

Hillary Briffa on NSTF Mini-European Assembly

I took part in Mini European Assembly the first time in 1991 when still at sixth form in what turned out to be the winning team, discussing matters that were ahead of their times which we accept ungrudgingly today. After a second lucky stint in 1993, NSTS asked me to stay on as one of the organisers. The remaining undergraduate years paid off in unsuspecting ways and life has turned full circle more than once since then. Mini European Assembly launched my European career in more ways than one. It has also nurtured in me a strong sense of teamwork geared towards results and allowed us as students to showcase Maltese talent internationally. I highly recommend the experience.

Elena Peresso on NSTF Mini-European Assembly

Away from the books, the Mini European Assembly gives students and young people the opportunity to witness hands-on the decision-making process for Europe-wide legislation and resolutions.  Besides meeting new people, its an excellent forum to acquire strategy, negotiation and communication skills.

Cyrus Engerer on the NSTF Mini-European Assembly






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