NSTF Science Expo 2015

   The 13th NSTF Science Expo 2015 took place from the 21st to the 28th      March 2015 at the Institute for Applied Science, MCAST, Paola, which included the weekend open to the general public from the 21st to the 22nd March.

Over 3000 students visited the NSTF Science Expo, which exhibited around 200 projects by local students aged 6 to 21.




 A number of local and science communicators held interactive sessions with students throughout the week namely:


Science Communicator

Interactive session

5 ¼ Games

Video game development

Bristol Chemlabs

Gases in the Air

Dr. How’s Science Wows (Dr. Naomi Lavelle)

Acids and Bases


Lego WeDo Robotics

Institute of Art and Design, MCAST

Walk along Glider

Iris Nijman (University of Leiden)

Design Your Alien

Jeppe Willads Petersen (Science Educator and Physicist)

What are colours? /Light-bending experiments/ What is light and how do 3D cinemas work?

Joao Retre (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences)

Our Wonderful Solar System

Mel Evans (PhD student, University of Gloucestershire)

Science in Films

Shark Lab

Shark Bites – A bite size look at Sharks and the Blue Planet they call home

STC Training

Robots in Action

The Malta Police Force

The Malta Police Force Forensics Unit


A heartfelt thanks goes to all science communicators for their time and effort in conducting the sessions.


Our appreciation also goes to our sponsors namely: 


Institute of Applied Science (MCAST), ISIC Malta, Local Councils, Dutch Embassy, Ecopure, European Commission, Forestals, Fujifilm, Handkrafts, IMS Limited, J Calleya, Krystal, Malta National Aquarium, MB Distribution Ltd, Merlin Publishers, Miller Distributors Ltd, Parnis England Trucking, Photocity, Poligas, Studio Seven, The Model Shop, University of Leiden, V & F Portelli and Word for Word.


Last but not least NSTF would like to thank all students who participated in the NSTF Science Expo 2015, as well as their teachers and guardians who supported them.

 Kindly follow the link to view the photos of this year’s Expo.



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