Winners of the NSTF Science Expo 2016

The NSTF Science Expo 2016 was held from Wednesday, 9th March to Wednesday, 16th March 2016 at the Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST Paola. It included an Open Weekend for the general public on Saturday, 12th March to Sunday, 13th March 2016. The Expo came to an end on Thursday, 17th March at a well-attended Awards Night at the Main Hall, MCAST, Paola. 

 This year’s winners were:

NSTF Science Photo Contest

1st Place – Yacopo Luigi Baldacchino with his photo ‘Scattering of light’ (sponsored by the European Commission)



NSTF Science Art Contest

One prize is given for the best artwork made by a young student of each school. The Prizes were sponsored in collaboration with HSBC. 

St Monica School                                                   Mila Grima

St.Paul's Missionary College                                     Jerome Agius

St Nicholas College Mgarr Primary                             Emilie Jayne

Mosta Primary A                                                     Juliana Davies Zamora

SBC Safi Primary School                                          Jan Spiteri

SBC Ghaxaq Primary School                                     Julia Camilleri

SBC Zurrieq Primary                                               Daniel Mangion

STMC Marsascala Primary                                         Yoanna Fay Cardona

St Joseph Mater Boni Consili                                    Michaela Mifsud

St Benild School                                                   Matthias Trapani

Stella Maris College                                                Miguel Azzopardi

St Nicholas College-Attard Primary                            Kelsey Azzopardi

St Francis B'Kara                                                   Samuel and Mariah Montebello

St.Venera Primary                                                 Caden Camilleri

Msida Primary                                                      Dylon Zahra

Sliema Primary                                                     Sasha Dadouch

San Gorg Preca College, Marsa Primary                     Keisha Bliss Camilleri

St.Benedict College Qrendi Primary                          Zanaya Magro

San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary A                  Krista Caruana

St. Augustine College - Primary Sector                     Kurt Polidano

Vittoriosa Primary St Margaret College                      Kristabel Aquilina

Kalkara Primary, St.Margaret College                        Shezrick Spiteri

St. Julians’ primary                                               Tajwid Abudagel

Seminary, Rabat Primary                                        David & Danjel Agius


Special prize by HSBC

A Special prize was given by the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop Campaign: €100 voucher to the team with the best entry on Water Conservation to buy educational material. The school was also be awarded books. This was awarded to: Neil Bezzina & Matthias Farrugia from:  St. Augustine College for their project entitled Save Every Drop. 


Special prize by Middlesex University

Middlesex University acknowledges the effort and presented the prize based on innovational drive and scientifically led problem solving techniques to: Gianluca Borg from St. Augustine College for his project entitled Solar Energy.


NSTF Primary School Contest

1st Place – Sean Kenely, Jamie Cassar & Nicholas Vella from De la Salle College with their project entitled Testing how different garbage bags degrade in different environments over time (a one-day internship at the Malta National Aquarium and science kits by the European Commission/ Model Shop in Malta)

2nd Place – Maya Galea, Zita Eminyan & Martha Bonello from St. Monica Gzira with their project entitled The microwave's effect on our food (a one-day internship at the Malta National Aquarium)

Tied 3rd Place – Bettina Farrugia from St. Dorothy’s, Sliema with their project entitled Optical Illusions moving pictures and Jeremy Vella & Kieran Degabriele from Zejtun Primary B with their project entitled Electric Insect (a one-day internship at the Malta National Aquarium) 



NSTF School Contest for Young Scientists

1st Place – Thomas Azzopardi, Andrea John Vella & Fredrick Vella from St. Augustine College with their project entitled Designing the Best Wing for a Model Aeroplane (Trip abroad to the MILSET Expo-Sciences). The team will be going to Brussels. The Ministry for Education & Employment are thanked for their sponsorship.

2nd Place – Gabriel Apap from St. Edwards College with his project entitled Alcohol (One week internship at the Malta National Aquarium)

3rd Place – Gianluca Borg from St. Augustine College with their project entitled Solar Energy (Science kit sponsored by the European Commission in collaboration with the Model Shop)


School Lab

1st Place – from Chloe Ann Ellul, Jasmine Abela & Samuel Okoh from The National Sport School with their project entitled Moments in Physics (Science kit sponsored by the British Council & the Ministry for Education)

2nd Place – Maria-Christina Micallef, Naomi Castillo & Leanne Briffa from St Thomas More College Girls Secondary School with their project entitled Acid Rain (Science kit sponsored by the British Council & the Ministry for Education)

3rd Place – Jordan Agius, Andrew Drago & John Critien from St. Michael School with their project entitled JAJ-414 (Science kit sponsored by the British Council & the Ministry for Education)


Universe in Box Prizes:

The prizes were sponsored by the University of Leiden.

A.Given to the schools which came in joint third place of the Primary School Contest for Young Scientists.

St. Dorothy’s School, Sliema and St. Thomas More College, Zejtun School Primary B.

B. Given to schools in recognition for the largest number of projects submitted this year: 

Maria Regina College, Mosta Primary B and Naxxar Primary.



Malta Student Science Forum

1st place: The team Angela Andreinski & Miguel Vella from St. Aloysius College will be participating in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) which is a two-week experience for the young people in London where they will be able to participate in various lectures and debates organised by top-notch renowned scientists from all over the world.

2nd place:  The team Lara Brockdorff & Jessica Falzon from St. Aloysius College have won a trip to the International Wildlife Research Week (IWRW) which will enable them to join young people from other countries in carrying out fieldwork research while trekking in the Swiss Alps.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NSTF would once again like to thank this year’s sponsors/ supporters/ collaborators, namely: NSTS and ISIC (Malta), Ministry for Education and Employment, Central Bank of Malta, MCAST – Institute for Applied Science, Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change, Office of the Prime Minister, HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop Campaign, Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Malta National Aquarium, The Model Shop, The European Commission, Merlin Publishers & Studio Seven.

NSTF would also like to thank the science communicators who held the various interactive science sessions throughout the week: MCAST Institute of Art & Design (Dr. Mark Theuma/ Mr Kurt Catania), Sharklab, STC & Middlesex University, the Armed Forces of Malta, the Department of E-Learning (Ministry for Education), Klaus Conrad (Headstart Technology) and Reuben Ferrante (EEroots), MCAST Institutes, Anna Christodoulou, IEEE, Salome Matos, Anne Kerkoven & Catherine Meyer.


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